Praying for Your Child from Head to Toe

by Earl Ann Bumpus on September 1, 2021 in Blog

I look forward to this time of year, seeing all the first day of school pictures online. It’s fun to see how the children have grown from year to year. The smiles on their faces reflect feelings of excitement and hope for the opportunities that lie ahead for them.

Children and their families have been doing their best for the past year and a half as many struggled with online learning and the cancellation of in-person classes as well as regular school activities. Many missed a lot in the total educational experience.

How can parents and grandparents address this challenge? ? We can pray. Proverbs 1:1-7 might be helpful in guiding some of your prayers.

I ran across an article last year from Loving Life at Home and I have adapted some of those thoughts to guide you in praying for your school children.

  • Pray for their MIND: Pray that they will have the desire to learn not only in school but also for wisdom and knowledge from the Lord.

  • Pray for their EYES: Ask the Lord to guard their eyes and protect their innocence. Pray that they will focus on what is right and good.

  • Pray for their EARS: Pray for the children to listen to what’s being taught and that instructions will be heard completely.

  • Pray for their MOUTH: Pray that they will only say kind and helpful things to others, both students and teachers.

  • Pray for their HEART: Pray that their hearts will trust the Lord for salvation early. Pray also that their hearts will be open and sensitive to those around them exercising empathy for fellow students.

  • Pray for their HANDS: Pray that they will use their hands for good and not for hurting others.

  • Pray for their FEET: Ask the Lord to direct their steps, help them stand strong, and take them to only good places, protecting them from a dark path.

This can be a great year if we are faithful to pray for our children, grandchildren, and all children from head to toe!

Written by WMU of Texas President Earl Ann Bumpus

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