Devotional: What's Ahead For Us?

by Earl Ann Bumpus on January 8, 2021 in Blog

James 4:14 reminds us that we do not even know what will happen tomorrow.

Only the Lord knows the future. He alone. We can only guess. With 2020 now in our rearview mirror, we are looking ahead into 2021 with hope. What will the new year bring? We do not really know, but as we unwrap each day, the Lord will reveal His plan for us, day by day! How can we be ready to see His plan?

Have a new frame of mind. With all that happened last year in our state, nation, and the world, it might be easy to continue with the thoughts of fear, sadness, depression, and a negative outlook. However, let us each have a better frame of mind. Let us focus on what Christ would want us to be. Be positive and look for His leading in all we do or attempt to do. Embrace new possibilities. Be open to what God has planned for you. Accept the fresh start and new beginnings He offers this new year and each day in it.

Prepare yourself. Once we have decided to improve our frame of mind, we can decide to work on ourselves. What have you decided to do this year to improve yourself? Is it to take time to spend with the Lord every day? Pray more? Maybe you will read the Bible through this year? What can you do to be ready when God calls? Maybe study about living for Christ daily? Whatever you decide, write down what God tells you to work on.  Be consistent and you will be more like Him by the end of the year.

Put others first. We have probably all experienced a time in our life when we have felt down, low, or maybe forgotten. What do you do then? Do you continue to wallow in those negative feelings? Not if you want to change how you feel. Instead, take the time to think of how others might feel. Do something to show you care for others. When we take the focus off of ourselves or stop wanting just our way that we can feel better about ourselves and improve a situation by finding a way to help someone else. It may be something as simple as a phone call or running an errand for someone else. Whatever it is, ask the Lord to give you the insight to know how to help others, and He will guide you.

If we do these three things, we will get a great start on the new year and make the most of what lies ahead!

Written by WMU of Texas President Earl Ann Bumpus

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