Preschool: Mission Friends®

Preschool is an exciting time in a child’s life, where they develop an understanding of who God is and how they play a part in His plan for the world. That’s why National WMU created Mission Friends — to provide preschoolers the building blocks of faith and teach them of God’s love for all people.

What is Mission Friends?

Through engaging activities, games, and stories each week, preschoolers will move from a focus on self to a focus on others. This builds a lasting foundation that helps them grow into the next generation of Christ-followers who will fulfill His Great Commission.

Getting Started Guide

How to Start a Mission Friends Group:

  • Begin with prayer: Make prayer a part of each step in starting and leading Mission Friends.
  • Download starter pack: Download a sample of the Mission Friend curriculum.
  • Contact WMU of Texas: Contact Age-Level Strategist Teri Ussery to learn more about updates, resources, and leadership training for Mission Friends leaders and volunteers.
  • Register WMU group: Select the link below to register your new WMU group with the state office.
  • Select leaders: Based on the number of preschoolers expected, secure the number of leaders you will need.
  • Order materials: Place your order for Mission Friends material by visiting the WMU store.
  • Invite preschoolers: Let parents of preschoolers know Mission Friends is starting by sharing in your church newsletter and social media.

We're Here To Help. Contact Us.

The WMU of Texas team is available to answer any questions you may have about WMU or our age-level curriculum. Please feel free to contact us for consultations, resources, workshops, and more.

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