Churchwide Missions Discipleship

Missions discipleship in the church provides opportunities for everyone—preschoolers through adults—to be involved in missions. Churches who provide missions discipleship encourage people to grow in their faith as they learn about missions, pray for missions, support missions, and do missions.

Getting Started Guide

How to Start a Churchwide WMU Group:

  • Begin With Prayer: Involve church leadership in seeking direction for starting a new group.
  • Contact WMU of Texas: Contact WMU of Texas to learn more about updates, resources, and leadership training specifically for multicultural groups.
  • Identify Leaders: The WMU director leads in organizing churchwide missions efforts such as the annual missions offering. If the church has any of the age-level missions groups, the WMU director coordinates plans and leadership. Provide leadership development by attending a WMU leadership training event.
  • Select & Order Materials: Use WMU resources to help plan missions involvement. The Missions Leader: WMU Planning Guide is an excellent resource to help you get started.
  • Plan: Plan activities and experiences to engage the church in missions. Choose activities that fit the needs of your church.
  • Promote: Invite your church to engage and participate in missions, through churchwide activities and age-level groups.
  • Work with Church Leaders: Collaborate to offer different ways to involve everyone in the church in missions.
  • Communicate: Keep your church informed about missions activities.

We're Here To Help. Contact Us.

The WMU of Texas team is available to answer any questions you may have about WMU or our age-level curriculum. Please feel free to contact us for consultations, resources, workshops, and more.

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