Texas Christian Job Corps Day of Prayer

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

WMU of Texas

Virtual Day of Prayer Gathering

February 20, 2024 | 7:00 PM

Featured Guests:

  • Chris Rowley, Christian Job Corps State Consultant
  • Tamiko Jones, Executive Director-Treasurer, WMU of Texas
  • Jackie Faughn, President, WMU of Texas
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During the Texas Christian Job Corps (CJC) Day of Prayer, we will:

  • Pray for site coordinators to have wisdom as they work with those they serve.
  • Pray for those studying for their high school equivalency test to have an understanding and knowledge of what they are studying.
  • Pray for the needs of women and men to be met as they seek to provide for their families.
  • Pray for mentors and other volunteers as they serve and love participants well.
  • Pray for participants to know and understand the love of Jesus and have a relationship with Him.

How to Participate:

Each year, WMU of Texas sets aside a day to pray intentionally and specifically for the CJC ministries in Texas.

  • Download and promote the CJC Day of Prayer resources
  • Register to attend WMU's Virtual Prayer Gathering, or plan a prayer gathering in your community.
  • On February 20, use the CJC Day of Prayer Guide to pray for our site leaders, mentors, volunteers, and participants.

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The WMU of Texas team is available to answer any questions you may have about WMU or our age-level curriculum. Please feel free to contact us for consultations, resources, workshops, and more.

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CWJC/CMJC State Consultant
WMU of Texas
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