Nature Walk for Preschoolers

by Terri Ussery on November 18, 2020 in Blog

This fall, remind your children, grandchildren, or Mission Friends groups that God created the world with this fun placemat activity from WMU of Texas Age-Level Strategist, Teri Ussery.

God's Beautiful World nature walk for preschoolers.

  • Small bags
  • Wax paper cut into 11x14 rectangles
  • Iron
  • Dishcloths
  • Permanent markers

Take your children, grandchildren, or Mission Friends class outside for a nature walk where you can find leaves. Give each child a bag to collect leaves as you walk. Remind them that God created the world.

Once inside, guide the preschoolers to place the leaves they have collected between two pieces of wax paper. Have adults prepared with warm irons. Cover the wax paper with a dish cloth and use a warm iron to melt the two pieces of wax paper together forming a placemat.

Let the children tell you something they are thankful for. Write their sentiments on the placemat with permanent marker. 

If you are doing this with your own children or grandchildren, you can make a placemat for everyone who will join you for your Thanksgiving meal. Invite your preschooler to share something about each person for which they are grateful. Write the statement and person's name on the individual placement then use these placemats to decorate your Thanksgiving table.

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