I am Thankful Tablecloth

by Teri Ussery on November 18, 2020 in Blog

What are you thankful for? This month, encourage your family to share what they are thankful for with this fun activity from WMU of Texas Age-Level Strategist, Teri Ussery.

I am Thankful Tablecloth

You will need:

  • Large white tablecloth
  • Fabric markers
  • Optional: Parchment paper to spread under the cloth to protect the table

Step 1: Starting early in November, spread the white tablecloth on your dining table, and keep the basket of fabric markers close by. Leave the tablecloth out for a week or two.

Step 2: Encourage members of your family to take a moment to either write down or draw what they are thankful for.

Step 3: Use the tablecloth on your Thanksgiving table as a reminder of how God has blessed your family.

Step 4: Each year, bring the tablecloth and markers out, allowing family members to add to the gratitude list.

Over the years, you will enjoy sharing memories. You will need to make new tablecloths as the years progress. Date the tablecloths. This might be a wonderful wedding gift as your children begin to start families of their own.

For more activities or questions related to children and family missions-discipleship, contact Teri Ussery at (214) 828-5374 or Teri.wmutx@txb.org.

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