How to Start a WMU Group At Your Church or in Your Community

by National WMU on January 4, 2021 in Blog

Article from the 2020-2021 National WMU Missions Plan Book.  

Do you already have WMU, Adults on Mission, or another WMU missions group in your church? If so, do you know of a church who doesn’t? Share this article with that church to help its members take part in missions more, too!

1. Pray for God’s direction. Ask Him to help you understand what He wants for your church. 

2. Work together. Talk with the pastor. Ask for his support to begin WMU, Adults on Missions, or another WMU group as a way to help church members learn about missions and take part in missions.

3. Plan a short meeting to talk about what WMU or Adults on Mission (or another WMU group) can be in your church. Invite the pastor, other ministers, and anyone who is interested in missions. 

Before the meeting, give everyone a copy of questions like these:

  • What do our members know about the missions message of the Bible?
  • How do our members pray about missions needs?
  • What do they understand about giving financially for missions?
  • What are our members learning about missions?
  • How and when do they get information?
  • What steps do we need to take to start missions education in our church or to make it better?

Ask everyone to write answers to these questions and bring them to the meeting. (Or ask them to give you the answers before the meeting.) 

At the meeting, respect everyone’s time by starting and ending on time. Pray and talk together about what the church needs to do so that more people will take part in missions.

4. Have a second meeting soon to make a plan for action. Will you begin with events for the entire church or with Adults on Mission or with another age-level group? Decide together exactly what you want to do and by when. Make a list of when to do each thing, and decide who will carry out each step of the action plan.

5. Order resources. If you start with Adults on Mission, order Missions Plan Book 2020–21for members and leaders. If you start with another age-level group, order the magazines, kits, or other resources you need. Visit for more information. Also shop for supplies° such as paper, pens, and maps.

6. You will need leaders. Pray for, look for, encourage, and train leaders!

7. Encourage and pray for each other. Tell WMU of Texas ( that you have started, so the WMU of Texas leaders can provide more support and training.

8. Evaluate. Keep looking at how your group is working. What needs to change? Keep finding ways for members to do more in missions. And keep learning how more people can take part!

Are you ready to start a WMU group at your church or in your community? Start with this free starter pack, and feel free to reach out to WMU of Texas at (214) 828-5150 or by email at with any questions.  

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