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by Liz Encinia, Missional Lifestyle Strategist on March 18, 2016 in Blog

Through 2018, the Texas TTT Endowment will benefit Missionary Kids (MKs). Each year, WMU of Texas sets aside $6,000 to help Texas MKs returning stateside attend the MK Re-Entry Retreat. WMU of Texas will host the national event in 2018. This retreat has all the features of a weekend camp experience along with time for MKs to immerse themselves back into life in the United States. For many, this event offers a great opportunity for them to fellowship with other MKs, learn current affairs, and be loved on by WMU. The average cost for travel per MK is $350.

In 2016 the Texas Touch Tomorrow Today (TTT) Endowment received a $25,000 gift from the estate of Jeane Law, former president of WMU of Texas. It has been placed in our account at the WMU Foundation in Birmingham. We have the opportunity to match this gift by raising an additional $25,000.

" I am challenging our state to match Jeane's $25,000 gift by our April 8-9 Annual Meeting and Missions Celebration. Adding a total of $50,000 to our TTT Endowment is a wonderful way to honor Jeane's missions legacy and strengthen our support for MKs." - Sandy Wisdom-Martin


I am asking those who read this post to forward it along to your friends and family. Ask them to consider helping us reach our goal of $25,000. Remember your time as a Sunbeam, Mission Friend, GA, RA, Acteen and the love you developed for missions and missionaries? Remember how missions education helped shape your ministry calling?

" In the past I remember being taught in Girls Auxiliary about stewardship. I also learned scriptures in Forward Steps that were instrumental in my accepting the gift of salvation. There are many, many more reasons for my giving to TOUCH,TOMORROW, TODAY. Because WMU invested in my life I want my giving to be a blessing that will reap dividends to be remembered by others because God is love." – Mary Valerio

Help us continue to show our love to missionaries and their children. Help us continue to give back to those have made huge sacrifices to spread the Gospel around the world.

Help us make a life-changing impact on MKs.


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Click on "give now"under the "Touch Tomorrow Today" area. Be sure to select "Texas" as you are completing the donation form.

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