Annual Meeting Impacted My Family

by Carol Dorman, Associational WMU Director on March 28, 2017 in Blog

I was so impressed by last years theme and scripture Joshua 4:6 "that this may be a sign among you when your children ask in time to come, saying What do these stones mean to you."

After Rick and I came home from the state meeting last year, I was impressed by the Lord to put stones in a clear bowl, marked with each or our family's name and the date they were saved.  All of my immediate family (children, spouses and grandchildren) are saved by the blood of Jesus, Jesus as their personal Savior, except for the 2 youngest grands. (and they will be one day!)

But I sent an email asking my children and their spouse what one or two words would they use to describe our family?  WOW!!! I was overwhelmed with gratefulness to the Lord.  I expected silly answers, but what I got was wonderful words to my ears.  Words that I had always hoped they would see in our family, but didn't think they even notice.  Words like:  woven, fun, joined together, generous, determined, giving, loving, restored, redeemed, and those were just some of what my kids sent back to me.   I wrote one of these words on the back of each stone. 

This bowl I sitting on our dining room table.  Now if anyone ask "What do these stones mean?" I can tell them when and how each one of us accepted Jesus as our Savior and I can explain the story behind each word.  You see there was a story, a  situation, a circumstance that happened in our family that brought out each word that our children and their spouses wrote.  So we have a story to tell, a story of Jesus and how He Redeemed us individually and as a family. OUR LORD REIGNS! 

-Written by Carol Dorman, Co-Director for Dallas Baptist Association WMU

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